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Getting More Donations for Your Golf Outing

After 26 years helping charities like yours with their golf tournaments, we now know the secret to securing more donations for your event…whether that be cold hard cash, raffle and auction items or prizes. Through years of trial and error, Tournament Pros is proud to announce the solution to the age old problem of getting people and businesses to donate to your event: ASK! And keep asking. Have everyone in your committee ask…and keep asking. Ask your volunteers to ask. Ask your golfers to ask. Ask the golf course to ask. Ask the people already donating to ask others. Ask! Ask! Ask! And while you’re at it…don’t hesitate to ask US! You never know what little goodies we might stumble across in the back room that are just cluttering up the office. A wise person–much wiser than us–once said, “…you never know until you ask”! Words to live–and have a successful charity golf outing–by.
(You can ask us at, 800-790-4653!)

Taking Your Charity Golf Outing to the Next Level

Some say there are close to one million “charity” golf tournaments held every year.  Regardless of the actual number, the average net profit for golf outings still hovers around $5000. For the amount of time and effort it takes to organize a golf tournament, that number should be MUCH higher! Let’s look at five of the most important things you can do to ensure YOUR next golf fundraiser raises more than that:

  1. Start planning MONTHS in advance. Form a committee of like-minded individuals who have the same drive and motivation to make the tournament a success as you do. Divide up the tasks, meet often, and hold people accountable.
  2. Obviously you want as many golfers playing in your tournament as possible, but focus more on the number of SPONSORS…that’s who you can raise the most money from. EVERYTHING is “sponsorable”: Holes, contests, food, driving range, golf carts, player gifts…just to name a few!
  3. The day should center around one theme; HAVING FUN! Happy people tend to give more. If that’s not scientific fact, it should be. Make sure there are plenty of gifts to go around, contests that generate excitement…and food and drink to satisfy one and all.
  4. Find a course that’s willing to go the extra “yard”; working with a friendly, competent staff that has your best interests in mind instead of theirs can make all the difference in the world. Like a home or a car, don’t “buy” the first one you see!
  5. Don’t be afraid to ASK the golfers to give. Make sure they understand EXACTLY how their donations will help the cause and give them a multitude of reasons to reach into their pockets throughout the day; the notion that you don’t want to “nickle and dime” your players is old hat. THAT’S WHY THEY’RE THERE! You should have contests they can enter, mulligans they can buy, a bunch of raffle prizes, silent and live auction…and, again,  sponsorships for everything under the sun.

Next year, if everyone does their part, maybe that $5000 average per event will be higher….MUCH HIGHER! And if you need help figuring out ways to “do your part”, give us a call at 800-790-4653 or email

And now for something completely different for your Golf Outing (Part 3)!

Tournament Pros has partnered with TDJ Golf to bring your players another opportunity to win at your event while bringing your organization another source of revenue! Together, we have created a “second chance” tournament everyone can compete in at the same time they are playing in your outing…with the help of PGA Tour players no less! A simple (free) app can be downloaded on one player’s phone per group which randomly “assigns” three Tour players to that group. Then their most recent actual scores from the last PGA Tour event they played in is added to each team’s score…and viola! you have another winning foursome to award prizes to at the dinner! And Tournament Pros includes those prizes! Full field events can raise up to an extra $1000!! And best of all…there is is no risk or out-of-pocket expense to you. PLUS…the app allows each time to keep track of where they are in your tournament hole-by-hole…free of charge! Contact us today for all the details:, 800-790-4653

And now for something completely different for your Golf Outing (Part 2)!

A trick shot show is not the ONLY curve ball you can throw at your players; how about a helicopter ball drop?!! Imagine as a dull noise starts to arise from a distance and continues to grow until everyone is staring up into the sky watching a chopper come up over the hillside and hover right over the 18th green! NOW you’ve got everyone’s attention! There are many ways to set up a ball drop, but you want to go with the no risk, all reward option…and Tournament Pros can show you just how to do it! (, 800-790-4653). Full disclosure…not every location or course can accommodate a helicopter…but in those instances where it’s not possible, you STILL have options. We have worked with local utility companies, truck companies and even fire departments to arrange some form of an entertaining ball drop! However the balls end up falling from the sky, it’s a risk-free way to generate revenue and entertain the troops! Anyone can purchase balls…not just the golfers!…and that means anyone can win if their ball winds up closest to the hole…not just the GOOD golfers! DROP us a line today!

And now for something completely different for your Golf Outing (Part 1)!

Variety is the spice of life…and the key to having a more successful golf tournament in 2019 than 2018! Time to shake things up a little! Just when your golfers think they’ve seen it all…here comes a big ‘ole curve ball! (I think we’ve used our allotment of metaphors for the day, don’t you?) Have you considered a clinic for everyone before the golf tournament begins? But just not any clinic. We’re talking about some serious razzle and dazzle…with a trick shot show by former Golf Digest’s Entertainer of the Year, Brad Denton. Besides being able to stripe 320 yd drives right down down the middle of the fairway, Brad is a very funny fellow who does great impressions along with wonderful crowd participation segments. The Show is also laced with helpful instructional tips for the golfers just before they head out to the course. And best of all, Brad has created a program that not only pays for itself, but will RAISE SIGNIFICANT REVENUE for your charity. Contact us at 800-790-4653 for your exclusive discount for the greatest show on turf!!