Guaranteed Hole-in-One Insurance

Since 1993, Tournament Pros has been an industry leader when it comes to providing hole-in-one insurance for prize packages. The goal of your charity event is to raise money. If you end up having to spend the money you raised to pay out all of your prizes, then your event wasn’t a successful one--even if it was fun for all of your guests.

Our insurance is designed to make sure that a fun time is had without costing you all of the money you have raised. Not only that, but it comes with an iron-clad, 110% guarantee that if you find it for a lower price (which isn’t likely), we will provide you with the same coverage for 10% less. Contact us with any questions you have about our services and how they can help you make your event a successful one.

The Coverage You Need

You deserve the right level of protection for your golf tournament fundraiser. That is why our coverage always includes prizes for all the Par 3 holes, not just the main prize hole, as well as custom color signs for every hole. Our insurance can cover any prize valued up to one million dollars, including cash, cars, boats, trips, or just about any other type of reward you can think of giving out.

Most importantly, however, is that every prize we offer--whether it is a $50K car or a Callaway gift card—will be awarded for as many hole-in-ones as there are on that hole.

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