Cash Contests

The golfers you’re trying to recruit for your event can probably play with their buddies for less money at their local course…BUT…can they pocket $1,000 for hitting a shot within a 2-foot radius of the hole? No! Or win $5,000 by making a 50-foot putt? Don’t think so! How about changing their life forever by banking a cool $25K in a shoot-out or making a shot for—wait for it—$1,000,000! Ain’t gonna happen! UNLESS…they play at your event!!


$5000 Putting Contest
$5000 Chipping Contest
$1M Shot
$25K Shoot-out
$1000 Par 3 Closest-to-Pin

ALL of these contests are ridiculously inexpensive to add to your golf outing…not to mention great ways to add to your bottom line by getting a sponsor to cover the cost and/or charging the players a nominal fee to enter each contest. And best of all…now you have a new, exciting, eye-popping way to promote your event…and sell out your tournament!

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