Why take any chances purchasing memorabilia that may be staring you right back in the face after everyone has gone home? There’s a simple – and hassle-free – way to ensure a profit; the Tournament Pro’s “Auction-in-a-Box” program. First, our highly trained staff will work hand-in-hand with you to create a list of first-rate items that best suits your group (local professional and college sports teams, entertainment, etc). Then, we will ship these highly sought-after memorabilia pieces to you at no cost...with everything you need, including bid sheets and even easels! And in the highly unlikely event that these great collectibles don't sell? You don't pay for them or the shipping back to us. True, we’re not the only company to have a consignment program, but we are the only one to include four free first place team plaques which you can keep even if nothing sells. Click on link at the bottom of this page for all the details!

Fine Art Prints

We will ship one each of all three 27 X 32” beautifully framed pieces above (click on pic to enlarge) by pop culture artist David O'Keefe to you at NO cost.
They will include bid sheets that state the following (along with your tournament name and logo!):


Highest bidder takes this beautiful piece home TODAY!
Other bidders will be given the opportunity to purchase an identical piece* plus $20 to have it mailed to them within 2 weeks.”

You simply put the pieces that don’t sell back into the same box they came in and use the label included to return them to us…NO CHARGE.
Your organization makes 30% of each minimum bid PLUS 100% of the amount the “winner” bids above the minimum.

*It's up to you what the other bidders pay; i.e. minimum bid, what they bid or what the winning bid was.

Vacation Destinations

Tournament Pros has partnered with Charity Bids to bring you SPECIAL PRICING for these incredible destination experiences. Please contact us today for all the details!

Contact Tournament Pros for more details about these programs.

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