2019 Golf Tournament: Auction This!

If you’re planning a charity golf fundraiser, it’s all about raising funds for the charity, right? So you’re looking to generate as much revenue for the cause as possible–while spending as little as possible.  Which means you’re including an auction, right? Almost every auction company worth their weight in salt (including Tournament Pros!) offers memorabilia on consignment…and that means you’ve got no out-of-pocket expense and no risk holding either a live or silent auction, or both. No risk, all reward…sounds good to us.  Add as many items as you can get donated…and you’re on your way to a successful tournament, auction…and fundraiser.  Another key to success; the bid sheets should contain spots for bidders to leave their contact info. After the event, why not call these folks and see if they still want the item they bid on? Again, most auction houses (including Tournament Pros!) will have access to identical pieces. And now you’ve raised even more money. We’ll be glad to help you navigate your way through the whole auction process. Call 800-790-4653 or email No risk, all reward…sounds good, right?!

2019 Golf Outing: Make Your SWAG Memorable!

Will Rogers famously once said “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. (Or was it Oscar Wilde?)  Regardless of who said it, they are very important words to remember when you’re deciding what t-prize to give your golfers when they arrive at the tournament! Are you going to hand them another shirt or hat…to go along with the dozens of other shirts and hats they have at home in their closet? Or are you going to give them something that stops them in their tracks…where they’re telling their friends they need to come to next year’s event!?! These days, you can put a tournament–or sponsor–logo on just about ANYTHING, and it doesn’t have to be golf related: electronics, home improvement items,  leisure items, and on and on. The list is truly endless…so explore all your options! Which is why you may need to put more than one committee person in charge of player gifts; it’s a big job…and perhaps the most important one.  If you need some help choosing the right gift, contact Tournament Pros at 800-790-4653,….and make that first impression a GREAT one!

2019 Golf Tournament: Putting the “FUN” into your FUNdraiser!

Top 10 ways to make your event memorable:
10. $5000 Putting Contest!
9.  $5000 Chipping Contest!
8. $1000 Closest-to-the-Pin Contest!
7. $25,000 Shoot-Out!
6.  (No risk) Silent Auction!
5. Raffle Prizes (to die for)!
4. Helicopter Ball Drop
3. Trick Shot Show
2. Scratchcards w/ cash prizes!
1. $1,000,000 Shot!

Contact Tournament Pros at 800-790-4653,…and let’s have some FUN!

Sponsors=Success For Your 2019 Golf Tournament

Of course you need players, but there have been charity golf outings with 60 golfers that have raised considerably more money than those with full fields of 144…or more. It’s actually a fairly common occurrence. The majority of the revenue successful golf tournaments generate comes from their sponsors.  So while members  of your committee should each have their own assignments, everyone should be trying to connect with potential sponsors. It’s all hands on deck when it comes to this critical element of your event; you need to direct EVERYONE to think WAY outside the box. There are so many possibilities you can create for potential sponsors; EVERY element of the tournament should be “in play”: Hole signs, pin flags, contests, food (lunch AND dinner), driving range, golf carts, drink cart. The list is not quite endless, but it’s certainly considerable. So make sure considering it is the committee’s TOP priority! And if you need some help sorting through all the possibilities–and creating new ones–we stand ready to help!, 800-790-4653

Does Your 2019 Golf Tournament HAVE To Be A Scramble?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is…longer. Quick review: A scramble (often referred to as “Captain’s Choice”) is a “best ball” type format where everyone plays their own ball of the tee and from then on, the best shot of the group is chosen and the group all play the next shot from that spot. The good news for most people in this format is they don’t have to play their own ball that went into the woods. Or the water. Or the…you get the idea. If one person in the foursome hit a shot into the fairway or onto the green, everyone gets to drop and play THEIR ball from THAT spot. The scramble format is used in over 90% of charity tournaments because it a) speeds up play (no looking for those balls in the woods), b) takes the pressure off the less-skilled players, and c) usually gives everyone a chance to contribute somewhere during the round. A scramble almost always produces low scores; teams coming in at 8, 9, 10 (or more!) under par. BUT…there are drawbacks, such as teams coming in at 8, 9, 10 (or more!) under par :). And golfers sometimes WANT to play their own ball for the WHOLE round (especially on private courses they can’t otherwise play). A popular variation of the traditional scramble format is choosing the best drive (which is hopefully somewhere in the fairway) and then having everyone play their own ball the rest of the way on that hole (taking the best score of the four). If you’re tired of the scramble format altogether, contact us and we’ll be happy to explain some other options like standard stroke play, two-player best ball, four-ball, alternate shot and even a Pro-Am! 1-800-790-4653,