Breaking News….

The majority of players at your charity golf outing are probably NOT going to be joining the PGA Tour anytime soon. They’re there to enjoy a day off from work, visit with friends, hit the little ball around and have some fun. And of course to help your worthy cause. Pressure, stress, anxiety and disappointment are NOT something any of them want to experience. Which is why a ‘scramble’ is the go to format for 95% of the charity golf tournaments taking place on any given day. Which should come as no surprise to 95% of you (so not really breaking news, is it? #clickbait…sorry :(. For the undoctrinated, the scramble format allows each foursome to pick the best ball after everybody hits their tee shot…where all four then play the next shot from that spot…until they hole out. In other words, no stress! Low scores! Smiling faces! And the happy golfer tends to be in a more ‘giving’ frame of mind! SOME golf tournaments will require each member of the group to utilize a certain number of tee shots…to avoid the 350 yd bombing scratch golfer amongst them to virtually eliminate the need for anyone else to even tee off! But either way, you are relieving the vast majority of the players from having to “play their own ball”. Something they do every (other) time they play golf…so give ’em a break!
Any questions? We’re here to help with anything you need to make your charity golf tournament more successful…and profitable!