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FUNdraising For Your Golf Tournament!

Yes…the goal is to raise as much money as possible for the cause. But the more FUN people have, the more they tend to give!
So let’s have some FUN at your golf outing this year:
1. $5000 Putting Contest!
2. Million Dollar Shot!
3. Trip to the Masters (or Kentucky Derby or Indy 500 or…) hole-in-one prizes!
4. Scratchcards with CASH prizes!
5. Auction items beyond memorabilia; spectacular adventures like safari’s and a private piano lesson from Elton John!
6. Unique logo’d player gifts to replace the standard shirt or hat; electronics, leisure, travel and other non-traditional items!

So let’s review; if you want to raise more money at your golf outing…have more FUN ! We’ll be happy to show you how!, 800-790-4653