SPONSORSHIPS…the magic word for 2023!

Though your players are vital to success, SPONSORS are the real key to reaching your revenue goals. With so many events to choose from, golfers are very keen on getting the best bang for their buck; if you try and gouge them, beware! In other words, don’t double the green fees. Adding a little to what the course charges is fine, the key word being “little”. You can also sell a fun contest package at registration, have a “buy-in” at a hole or two (not four or five), create a fun raffle and have some nifty auction items, but that’s not going to generate the big bucks you’re after. THAT needs to come from the land of SPONSORSHIPS. And the key here is NOT to stop at 18 hole signs; that should only be the beginning of your quest for more sponsors. Time to think outside the box…perhaps starting with a (box) lunch sponsor! Then there’s the driving range sponsor, the drink cart sponsor, contest sponsors and of course, a TITLE SPONSOR. But wait…don’t stop at the traditional hole-in-one, closest-to-the-pin and long drive sponsors. Why not have a MILLION DOLLAR SHOT contest/sponsor? Or a $5000 putting contest/sponsor? Or a $25,000 Shoot-out contest/sponsor?  The insurance to cover these prizes is not NEARLY as expensive as you might think! So a sponsorship not only covers the small cost, but allows you the opportunity to make much more on top of that. Best of all, those sponsors look like real heroes putting up these big prizes themselves, but of course, they’re not on the hook for any of these large payouts.  (Companies like Tournament Pros write those big checks if someone can make a winning shot.) It’s time to step up YOUR game…and add a lot more fun, excitement and REVENUE to this year’s golf outing Contact us to take your 2023 tournament to the next level:
info@tournamentpros.com, 800-790-4653

Do you need MORE for your golf outing?

We are excited to start our 29th year helping charities just like yours create MORE fun, MORE excitement, MORE memories…

We specialize is just about EVERYTHING that happens the day of the event:
-on course contests ($5K Putt!, $1M Shot! and MORE)
-hole-in-one coverage (lowest rates in the country…with MORE extras)
-sponsor signs (including MORE color and customization)
-player gift/t-prizes (with MORE choices to fit any budget)
-auction adventures and experiences (MORE than just memorabilia)
-raffle prizes (MORE things to give away)
-team awards (MORE options)
…and much MORE: (ball drops, trick shot shows, long drive challenge, scratchcards….)

All designed to give you MORE bang for your buck….

Let’s talk about it at 800-790-4653, info@tournamentpros.com TODAY!


Can you say 2022!?! We can! And that means we stand ready to help you put on the best charity golf tournament you have ever had! Golfers in your community will have more and more charity tournaments to choose from as golf has been one of the few industries to grow MORE during the pandemic. So how can you make sure your event is the one they choose…easier said than done, right? Well…not really! You CAN make it an easy choice by making your event STAND OUT from the competition. And we have everything you need to do just that: Hole-in-one insurance…up to $1M! Putting Contests…up to $25K! Auction items that go beyond memorabilia…and include incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences like the Grammys, Super Bowl, African safaris and more! We have sponsor signs, pin flags and last but not least, HUNDREDS of fantastic player gifts that can be logo’d with your charity name or your sponsor’s name. So start the new year off right…and give us a call at 800-790-4653 or email us at info@tournamentpros.com and together we can make 2022 the BEST charity golf tournament you’ve ever had!

Shot in the Arm!

Hello fellow tournament folks! Tournament Pros here to help keep your spirits up! We can, will and are getting through this…together! So lets keep our collective chins up. And when the time comes to plan your event…give us a call. We’ll have some encouraging words of wisdom and are happy to advise you any way we can…free of charge. You’d be surprised how much one can learn after 28 years helping charities raise money at their events :). Of course we can also help with your hole-in-one insurance (lowest rates in the country), player gifts (over 100 items to choose from), exciting contests ($5K Putt, $1M Shot, etc.), sponsor signs, auction adventures and lots more. So to summarize…LET’S DO THIS…TOGETHER!!

Save the Date!

If you can hold your event as planned this year…awesome! If you were hoping to tee-off now or in the the Spring, but can’t get the go ahead due to Covid…don’t despair! You’ve got plenty of time to re-schedule…but the sooner you start that conversation with the golf course, the better; you won’t be the only one looking at Summer or Fall dates! If you ARE one of the lucky ones that indeed are still a “go” in the next few months, keep in mind the old “safety first” adage still applies: get together with your course pro and/or tournament manager to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to protocols that need to be adhered to.  Everyone is looking to you “early birds” to set a good example! But being safe doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the fun: Go ahead, razzle and dazzle your players with great hole-in-one prizes, fun contests, a great auction, unique raffle prizes and a killer player gift that will NOT end up buried somewhere deep in their closets never to be seen again. So whether you’re full-speed ahead or still treading water, we stand ready to help with anything and everything that happens the day of the event…whenever that turns out to be! info@TournamentPros.com,  800-790-4653.