Fun Prize Ideas for Your Charity Golf Tournament

Are you looking for charity golf tournament prize ideas? It’s great that you are hosting an event to support the cause and organization you believe in. However, without the right player incentives, reaching your funding goals can be difficult. You need to motivate people to play in your tournament with visions of fame, fortune, and maybe a neat trophy.

Prizes in golf tournaments can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. Awarding titles is one way to acknowledge someone’s performance, but handing them a plaque or trophy will surely have a greater impact. Trophies, plaques and similar awards can establish an air of legitimacy, making your tournament a wonderful opportunity for good publicity.

Another way to generate excitement at your charity golf tournament is to offer raffle prizes. These can be promotional items, goodies, and gadgets that anyone can win–whether they are spectators or players. You can have them set as door prizes or as keepsakes to hand out to guests. From shirts and hats to coolers and sunglasses, these practical and everyday items can leave a lasting impression.

Remember: a charity golf tournament is more than a fundraiser. It is also your chance to raise awareness about your cause and organization. While planning your next event, make sure to dedicate a portion of your budget to charity golf tournament prize ideas that will attract more people to your event.

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The Importance of Hole-in-One Insurance

Contests can be an exciting way to generate excitement for your golf tournament. A popular challenge that lures thrill-seekers is the hole-in-one contest: make an ace and someone can win fabulous prizes. While this contest can be a thrilling game of chance, it also has its costs. For instance, if someone actually wins, your business could lose big. That’s where hole-in-one insurance proves its worth.

Hole-in-one insurance allows you to pay a premium instead of footing the entire cost for a contest prize. Let’s say you offer $10,000.00 as a hole-in-one challenge to get more golfers to play in your charity event. If someone meets the challenge and you aren’t covered, then you have already lost a lot of money. Essentially, the revenue you could have gained from the increased turnout is going into another person’s pocket.

With hole-in-one insurance, you have the flexibility to have an exciting game of chance and significantly reduce the risk of loss. The insurer will pay the prize, protecting your revenue flow in the process. Companies like ours that offer this insurance can also do more to promote your event by providing signs as well as auxiliary prizes for the other par 3 holes where a hole-in-one might be made.

Hole-in-one insurance sets your charity tournament apart from just another round of golf people could play by themselves and thus provides more exposure without burning a hole in your pocketbook. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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Generate Excitement for Your Charity Golf Event with Raffle Prizes

Nothing excites spectators quite like a raffle! There isn’t a single person who would turn down the opportunity to win something while they’re out enjoying a golf tournament for a good cause. Your raffle prize doesn’t have to be extravagant either. Sometimes sponsors will even pitch in to either help you purchase fun or functional products to raffle off. Even if they don’t, it doesn’t cost much to pick up a few golf tournament raffle prizes to give out.

Great Ideas for Your Raffle

So, what makes for a good raffle prize? Just about anything! Since your spectators obviously enjoy golf, raffling off items that would be great for a day out on the green. From folding travel chairs and coolers to umbrellas and tote bags, there are plenty of reasonably priced items to choose from. If your sponsor is participating in product purchase, you can even have their logos added to the prize.

Prizes for a Good Cause

As a reminder, the raffle prizes for your golf tournament are a token of appreciation for your guests and event spectators. Most individuals who attend charity events don’t do it for the prizes. However, the opportunity to win something small is certainly a great incentive. Don’t bust your event budget on over-the-top prizes. Make sure the reason for attending is always for the right reason: to help out your charity!




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Show Off Your Sponsors with Signs and Promotional Products

Planning a golf outing? Sponsor signs and promotional products are a must! Not only are you letting your sponsors know how appreciative you are of their patronage, but you’re also helping them gain new recognition as well. Well-placed signage and promotional gear grabs spectator attention and lets those in attendance know just how generous your sponsor has been in preparing your golf outing or tournament.

However, when it comes to golf outing sponsor signs and promotional products, you want to make sure you have the right design team. While there are plenty of online tools that let you place logos onto signs and products, the result might be less than stellar. From pixelated logos to poor color match, what looks good online doesn’t always look as good in person.

When it comes to sponsor signs for a golf outing or tournament, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Your sponsors and spectators will be looking at what you purchased with a critical eye. That’s why you should ask for digital mockups of your signs and products before you buy them. Likewise, make sure you work with someone directly — like you can with our team — so they can assure you that everything will look exactly the way you expect.

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How to Get Sponsors for Your Golf Fundraiser

A golf fundraiser tournament is an excellent way to generate money for your organization for several reasons.

Golf is a popular sport and tournaments even more so, especially if you use something like a best-ball format that welcomes all golfers, just not the low handicappers.

A lot of them are held during weekdays, and most people would much rather be on the course than in the office.

People also like to play golf fundraiser tournaments because they want to help others.

And, finally, they like to go because tournaments usually have lots of good prizes.

That’s why you need sponsors for your tournament — to provide those good prizes that attract golfers and to help defray expenses for hosting the event. You need to give sponsors a reason to donate. Make sure they know that it’s for a good cause, and tell them what it is.

Mention tax breaks that can be received from charitable donations. Let them know you’ll give them plenty of promotion during the event, and that it’s good marketing. Also, throw some free entries their way. Most companies have golfers who would love to play in an event.

At Tournament Pros, we know that if you keep your sponsors happy, they will keep you happy.