And Now For Something Completely Different…

You always have hole-in-one prizes. You’ve done the Putting Contest. Each year there’s the Long Drive and Closest-to-the-pin contests. And of course there’s the raffle prizes and the silent auction. So what’s left?? PLENTY! Have you featured a shot for…ONE MILLION DOLLARS?!? Have you tried a HELICOPTER BALL DROP?!? What about a TRICK SHOT SHOW?!? Many organizations like yours are looking for ways to set themselves apart from the “other guys”. Everybody’ s cause is a worthy one, but let’s face it, golfers can only take so many days off from work to play in an outing…and job #1 is to make sure they choose YOUR tournament! Which means you need to go one (or two?!) steps beyond the competition and set yourself apart. Additionally, the ideas just mentioned are wonderful ways to INCREASE revenue…and when all is said and done, isn’t that goal #1?!! Tournament Pros stands ready to explain how a clinic or ball drop or $1M shot can be just what the doctor ordered 🙂 So give us a call (800) 790-4653 or shoot us an email (info@tournamentpros.com) and let the FUN and FUNDRAISING begin!!

Do I Hear….

$300?  $400? $600?!!
If you’re not doing either a live or silent auction at your golf tournament, you’re leaving a lot of revenue for the cause…uncollected. So…start collecting! Almost all memorabilia companies offer their pieces on consignment, so there’s a)no out-of-pocket expense to you and b) no risk! And if you’re tired of the same old tired signed balls, bats or framed pictures, there’s now exciting adventures and experiences you can offer up: How about a virtual piano lesson from Elton John?! Or maybe two tickets to the Grammys?! Maybe one of your guests would like to go to The Masters?! Or on an African safari?! Gambling junket to Vegas?! Wine-tasting party in Napa? Again…the risk to you is zero, nada, nothing. Forgive the cliche, but what do you have to lose?!? If you need help finding out more about all these options–including good ‘ole fashioned memorabilia!–give us a shout at (800)790-4653 or info@tournamentpros.com.  Do I hear…$1000?! SOLD!

Don’t Go It Alone!

Breaking news: A charity golf tournament is a LOT of work. A SUCCESSFUL charity golf tournament–that raises more than the $5K average profit out of the 1.5M charity outings each year–is REALLY a lot of work. So…get some help! Form a committee of a handful of people (five is enough, 10 is too many) who you feel will roll up their sleeves and dig in; i.e. you want to find people who care about your cause as much as you do! Assign each person a different task regarding “day of” activities (registration, goodie bag distribution, on course volunteers/witnesses, raffle ticket sales, drink cart, etc). But make every member of the committee responsible for finding golfers and sponsors (if that’s still an issue). Make sure they all understand that while their input is desired and valued, in the end, you (as committee chair) have the final say. Get a special thank-you gift for every committee member and present it to them at the awards ceremony so they can receive the recognition they deserve for their hard work. Remember…for a successful fundraiser like a charity golf tournament, it’s not the time to go it alone! P.S. Make sure to remind each member that THEY don’t have to go it alone either; we are here to help: Contact info@tournamentpros.com, 800-790-4653 for hole-in-one coverage, contests, sponsor signs, player gifts, auction items, raffle prizes and anything else you need to make this the best year ever for your charity golf outing!

Let’s Get This Party Started!

Words to live by (if you’re planning a golf tournament): “you can never start too early!” If you’re doing all the work yourself…start now! If you’re going to form a committee to help, do it now! If you’re thinking of changing golf courses…start calling around now! If you’re hoping to increase the number of golfers this year, start recruiting now! If sponsors were hard to come by last year…reach out now! If you want a t-prize that will truly set your event apart from the others where players will get yet another shirt or hat), start looking around now! If creating additional revenue streams would be helpful, put on your thinking-outside-the-box hat now! The longer you wait, the tougher all these things become…and putting on a charity golf tournament is already tough enough, right? And if you need help with any of these things, FREE advice is one call away (800)790-4653 (or email info@tournamentpros.com) DO IT NOW!

SPONSORSHIPS…the magic word for 2023!

Though your players are vital to success, SPONSORS are the real key to reaching your revenue goals. With so many events to choose from, golfers are very keen on getting the best bang for their buck; if you try and gouge them, beware! In other words, don’t double the green fees. Adding a little to what the course charges is fine, the key word being “little”. You can also sell a fun contest package at registration, have a “buy-in” at a hole or two (not four or five), create a fun raffle and have some nifty auction items, but that’s not going to generate the big bucks you’re after. THAT needs to come from the land of SPONSORSHIPS. And the key here is NOT to stop at 18 hole signs; that should only be the beginning of your quest for more sponsors. Time to think outside the box…perhaps starting with a (box) lunch sponsor! Then there’s the driving range sponsor, the drink cart sponsor, contest sponsors and of course, a TITLE SPONSOR. But wait…don’t stop at the traditional hole-in-one, closest-to-the-pin and long drive sponsors. Why not have a MILLION DOLLAR SHOT contest/sponsor? Or a $5000 putting contest/sponsor? Or a $25,000 Shoot-out contest/sponsor?  The insurance to cover these prizes is not NEARLY as expensive as you might think! So a sponsorship not only covers the small cost, but allows you the opportunity to make much more on top of that. Best of all, those sponsors look like real heroes putting up these big prizes themselves, but of course, they’re not on the hook for any of these large payouts.  (Companies like Tournament Pros write those big checks if someone can make a winning shot.) It’s time to step up YOUR game…and add a lot more fun, excitement and REVENUE to this year’s golf outing Contact us to take your 2023 tournament to the next level:
info@tournamentpros.com, 800-790-4653