Shot in the Arm!

Hello fellow tournament folks! Tournament Pros here to help keep your spirits up! We can, will and are getting through this…together! So lets keep our collective chins up. And when the time comes to plan your event…give us a call. We’ll have some encouraging words of wisdom and are happy to advise you any way we can…free of charge. You’d be surprised how much one can learn after 28 years helping charities raise money at their events :). Of course we can also help with your hole-in-one insurance (lowest rates in the country), player gifts (over 100 items to choose from), exciting contests ($5K Putt, $1M Shot, etc.), sponsor signs, auction adventures and lots more. So to summarize…LET’S DO THIS…TOGETHER!!

Save the Date!

If you can hold your event as planned this year…awesome! If you were hoping to tee-off now or in the the Spring, but can’t get the go ahead due to Covid…don’t despair! You’ve got plenty of time to re-schedule…but the sooner you start that conversation with the golf course, the better; you won’t be the only one looking at Summer or Fall dates! If you ARE one of the lucky ones that indeed are still a “go” in the next few months, keep in mind the old “safety first” adage still applies: get together with your course pro and/or tournament manager to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to protocols that need to be adhered to.  Everyone is looking to you “early birds” to set a good example! But being safe doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the fun: Go ahead, razzle and dazzle your players with great hole-in-one prizes, fun contests, a great auction, unique raffle prizes and a killer player gift that will NOT end up buried somewhere deep in their closets never to be seen again. So whether you’re full-speed ahead or still treading water, we stand ready to help with anything and everything that happens the day of the event…whenever that turns out to be! info@TournamentPros.com,  800-790-4653.

GOODBYE 2020….

Can you say…VACCINE!! Actually, vaccineS!! Double yay (or triple, or…)!! So let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!
Let us know what you need to make your golf tournament the most successful ever…and if we don’t have it (highly unlikely!), we’ll help you find it! We know (trust me, we know!) how hard this year was for everyone…so it’s time to pull out all the stops and make everyone remember 2021 as the year of the comeback! Consider some attention grabbing contests: A shot for $1,000,000?! A $25,000 Shoot-out?! A $5000 Putting Contest?! Choose a memorable player gift…maybe something other than a shirt or a hat (though we have those if you want them!). Maybe something electronic? For the household? For barbequing? For picnicking? You get the idea…we have 100’s of gifts to chose from 🙂
Why not raise the stakes for the shot of a lifetime…and make this year’s hole-in-one prize(s) something they’ll talk about for years…even if no one gets one!! And of course it’s the perfect time to “cash in” on truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for a never-to-be forgotten auction: African safaris! The Grammys! Virtual personal Master Classes! Add it all up…and no one will even remember 2020!! We’ll be ready when you are! info@tournamentpros.com 800-790-4653

The Year of Covid…

It hasn’t been easy…has it?! But we are getting through it…and that’s all that matters. To those who were able to have their golf outing…thank you for allowing us to assist you again! For those that had to postpone til next year…we’ll be here for you in 2021. Fundraising for charitable causes will ALWAYS be a huge part of the American way of life…pandemic or no pandemic! Tournament Pros has been providing golf tournament services since 1993…and a virus is not about to stop us now! So if you need hole-in-one prizes or player gifts or sponsor signs or auction items…we will be here to help you when you’re ready. Stay safe til then!

golf clubs in a golf bag

Tips for Planning Your Charity Golf Outing

Charity golf tournaments are major fundraising opportunities. They can bring serious golfers and generous philanthropists together for good causes. Luckily, they typically require less time and effort to plan than an evening charity gala. But do you know how to organize a golf tournament? Can you pull it off even if you’re not a golfer? We can show you how to tee your golf tourney up for fundraising success.

Choose Your Golf Course Wisely

The most critical partnership in any charity golf tournament is the one between the charity host and the golf course. Make sure to do your research and find a golf course that is as passionate about your cause/event as you are. Golf is a seasonal sport, those who know how to organize a golf tournament will tell you that golf courses may be much more willing to work with you during the off-season and give you a significant discount on hosting your event.

Pay Attention to Prizes and Tee Gifts

It’s a fact that everyone loves swag at events. But golfers expect swag and prizes at charity golf tournaments as they are an integral part of the culture of golf tournaments. Making these key items an afterthought is a huge faux pas, so if you want to be an expert at how to organize a golf tournament, you’ll want to offer the following items:

  • Welcome Bag -For everyone who registered and participated in the event
  • T-shirt and/or hat or visor – Preferably with your tournament’s logo
  • Goodie Bag – Slip in coupons and promotional items from sponsors
  • Drinks and Snacks – Include items like a reusable water bottle with your tournament’s logo or a granola bar or some mixed nuts
  • Sunscreen
  • A Sleeve of Golf Balls

Add Interest with Activities and Prizes

The best tip on how to organize a golf tournament is to keep things lively with prizes, bonus contests, and events. Mini-events like longest drive contests, putting contests, and beginner’s drive contests can break up the day and add excitement and fun. It’s also a way of bringing in extra revenue for the nonprofit and another great way to engage sponsors.

Last but not least, don’t forget about raffles and door prizes. Call out the winners near the end of the tournament to ensure people stick around.