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Hole-in-1 Prizes (that won’t break the bank…or your budget)!

Every charity golf tournament on the planet gives away SOMETHING for that shot of a lifetime. The trick is to not give away the store in doing so! It is a CHARITY golf outing, after all! Even if you have a full field (144 players), you don’t have to sink a fortune into insurance coverage…if you choose wisely. Expensive fancy cars WILL cost you a pretty penny…and there’s just no reason to go down that road (pun intended). Golfers aren’t going to ask, or want to know, if the hole-in-one prize is valued over $50K…”or I’m not going to play”. Just doesn’t happen. So don’t even bother with any prize over $10K…because a)that’s enough to get everyone’s interest and b)the premium will cost you less than $300! And here at Tournament Pros, our coverage includes prizes for the other par 3 holes AND signs for all of them. One more helpful hint…why not set it up so the CHARITY enjoys some of the spoils from that shot of a lifetime!? The winner will look like a hero, puffing his/her chest out with the notion that they just made a chunk of change for the cause by their deft skill with a golf club! Whatever the cash prize is, just make sure the sign on the tee says “Half to the winner, half to the Charity”. (Don’t ask the player to give up half AFTER the fact!!!) Players know why they are there; it’s about helping people…and they’ll be happy to help…and take home a little something extra for their trouble! We’d be happy to show you how easy it is to set up YOUR hole-in-one prizes…reach out today to info@tournamentpros.com or 800-790-4653. And here’s to holing out!!

Think Outside the “Tee-Prize” Box!

Anything but another golf shirt…please! That’s what we hear many of the players at a charity golf tournament say time and time again! THAT player gift has run its “course”! If ever the phrase “think outside the box” was appropriate…this would be it. The tee-prize is the one thing that sticks with the golfers long after the last putt drops…so why not make it memorable?! Maybe something electronic? Or a household item? That’s right; there’s no rule that says the gift the players get HAS to be golf-related. Be creative! Maybe something for the spouse? Or the kids? We here at Tournament Pros can put your logo (or a sponsor’s) on over 100 different unique gifts that will remind everyone of the wonderful event your organization held…long after it’s over! Call or email for your free gift catalog today:
800-790-4653, info@tournamentpros.com. And welcome to life outside the box!!

Memorabilia Schmemorabilia….

Your golfers have no doubt seen their fair share of autographed Tiger Woods pictures, so why not liven things up…literally!?!

Send them on a safari! To the Sphere in Las Vegas! To the Super Bowl!!
How about a wine-tasting adventure in Napa? Or a virtual private piano lesson from–wait for it–Elton John!

Yes…it’s (way past) time to spruce up your auction. Best of all, just LIKE our memorabilia ‘auction-in-a-box’ program,
you pay NOTHING to display dozens of these fantastic adventures and experiences until they are sold! No shipping costs either.
At NO cost, we will provide you with beautiful color fliers that you simply post next to a bid sheet. That’s it! Then you sit back and watch your golfers take multiple double-takes each time they read yet another dream experience: Like tickets to the Emmys! Or the Grammys! Or the Oscars!! Nascar Driving Course! Tuscany Getaway! We love Tiger Woods, but your golfers are gonna love these adventures a whole lot more. Contact us for all the details; info@tournamentpros.com, 800-790-4653.

Time to put your auction on steroids forever more!

FUNdraising For Your Golf Tournament!

Yes…the goal is to raise as much money as possible for the cause. But the more FUN people have, the more they tend to give!
So let’s have some FUN at your golf outing this year:
1. $5000 Putting Contest!
2. Million Dollar Shot!
3. Trip to the Masters (or Kentucky Derby or Indy 500 or…) hole-in-one prizes!
4. Scratchcards with CASH prizes!
5. Auction items beyond memorabilia; spectacular adventures like safari’s and a private piano lesson from Elton John!
6. Unique logo’d player gifts to replace the standard shirt or hat; electronics, leisure, travel and other non-traditional items!

So let’s review; if you want to raise more money at your golf outing…have more FUN ! We’ll be happy to show you how!
info@tournamentpros.com, 800-790-4653


Hole-in-One Benefits Charity!

Why not YOUR charity?! When you have a CASH prize as a main hole-in-one prize, why not split it with the golfer?!
As long as you declare your intentions before the event begins–whether that be in the rules, an announcement before the start of play or on the sign at the tee–you’re good to go! And if lightening strikes–as it did on 8/7/23 at the Brain Rampolla Memorial Golf Tournament at the Piney Branch GC in Hampstead, MD–your organization could be a BIG winner! You can do the same thing with a $5K or $10K putting contest, a $1M shot or even a shot within 1 ft. wins $1000 par 3 contest! Call or email us today and get a free consultation on how we can help your charity RAISE MORE MONEY!! (800) 790-4653, info@tournamentpros.com