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Make YOUR Charity Golf Tournament a HUGE Success

While the average net profit for the tens of thousands of charity golf outings that occur across the country each year may only be $5000, there are organizations that make 20X that amount…and more! Which means there are too many events out there LOSING money, let alone raising less than the $5000 national average. This is unacceptable! If you’re one of the events keeping the average down…it’s time to do your part in raising it!! And it’s easier than you think: Start early, way early. Form a committee…you can’t go it alone! PLAN! PLAN! PLAN! Perhaps you need some fresh blood….look for some NEW people to join the committee. Maybe move the event to a nicer course, maybe a private venue that folks would love to play, but can’t! Look to add an auction, raffle, contests…whatever it takes! Advertise and market the event well in advance! Get something to the local radio and newspapers: Alert the media! Sure…all of this takes work…but if you’re going to go to all the trouble of having a charity golf outing, why be average?!?

What Will Golfers Remember About Your Charity Tournament?

For the golf outings that do it right…everything! So your goal is simple; be one of those events 🙂
To that end, you need to:
1. Start planning early
2. Create a committee of responsible people…and hold each member accountable!
3. Give away a GREAT t-prize/player gift (first impressions are the key!)
4. Keep play moving; your volunteers should all be thinking that first and foremost!
5. Have lots of fun contests…that include prizes for the not-so-talented among the players!
6. Have plenty of drinks…and food!
7. Make the awards ceremony fun…and not too long!
And when everyone is having such a good, MEMORABLE time…sign them up for next year’s tournament 🙂

Charity Golf Outing “Day Of” Do’s and Don’ts

Top 10 Do’s…
1. Have plenty of volunteers assigned to the registration table
2. Put the player gift (the one thing every golfer wants!) at the END of the registration line
3. Sell a “contest package” that includes EVERYTHING so there’s no collecting $ out on the course
4. Entertain–and feed!– the players during registration; contests, snacks, drinks, etc
5. Start ON TIME
6. Make sure the volunteers out on the course KEEP PLAY MOVING!
7. Have auction and raffle going on white players are waiting for dinner
8. Make the awards ceremony light on the speeches and heavy on the awards!
9. Sign people up for next year!
10. Don’t let anyone drink and drive!

DON’T…not do any of the do’s 🙂

Keeping Your Cool in the Summer Charity Golf Tournaments

There may be just a month or so left of summer…but that’s no excuse for letting your guard down for the tournaments in August.
So…some tips and tricks for your upcoming golf outing:
1. Have some water on every tee box.
2. If that’s not logistically possible, have several carts out on the course with water moving from hole to hole.
3. If THAT’S not possible…have LOTS of bottled water available at the turn (end of each nine holes)
Keeping your players hydrated is vital…not only for their health, but for their overall attitude; you don’t want them “spent”
at the end of the round just when you’re hoping they’re ready to SPEND money on raffle and auction items.
If you’re going to run short of any beverages, have it be the alcohol that goes first; consuming beer, etc in the heat is just going to
make everyone worse off anyway! H2O is your best friend…for at least another month!

Make Everyone a Winner at Your Golf Outing

Everybody loves a winner…especially when it’s them! One of the keys to a successful golf tournament is to make as many people as possible feel good…about themselves, your organization and the tournament itself. Nothing will do more to make sure they return–maybe with friends!?–than feeling good about their experience at your fundraising event. So what can you do to ensure that happens? Here’s a few ways you can add to the winners’ list:
1. Have as many contests as possible. The more contests, the more winners: Putting contest, chipping contest, long drive contest, shortest drive contest, straightest drive contest, crookedest drive contest, longest putt made, closest-to-the pin (on every par 3 hole), scratchcards, cash shootouts: $1M shot, $25K bonus shots, etc., hole-in-one prizes, 1st place team, 2nd place team, 3rd place team, last place team!
2. Have as many raffle prizes as possible. The more prizes, the more winners. Make EVERYONE on the committee responsible for getting raffle prizes donated…or finding/making special deals for some.
3. Have an auction…live or silent or both.
Remember…there’s a direct correlation between the number of winners you have–and therefore the number of happy people there are–and the success of our event. It’s a winning formula! And if you need help setting up any of these contests or getting any of the raffle prizes or auction items, don’t hesitate to contact Tournament Pros at 800-790-4653, info@tournamentpros.com