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Tips for Planning Your Charity Golf Outing

Charity golf tournaments are major fundraising opportunities. They can bring serious golfers and generous philanthropists together for good causes. Luckily, they typically require less time and effort to plan than an evening charity gala. But do you know how to organize a golf tournament? Can you pull it off even if you’re not a golfer? We can show you how to tee your golf tourney up for fundraising success.

Choose Your Golf Course Wisely

The most critical partnership in any charity golf tournament is the one between the charity host and the golf course. Make sure to do your research and find a golf course that is as passionate about your cause/event as you are. Golf is a seasonal sport, those who know how to organize a golf tournament will tell you that golf courses may be much more willing to work with you during the off-season and give you a significant discount on hosting your event.

Pay Attention to Prizes and Tee Gifts

It’s a fact that everyone loves swag at events. But golfers expect swag and prizes at charity golf tournaments as they are an integral part of the culture of golf tournaments. Making these key items an afterthought is a huge faux pas, so if you want to be an expert at how to organize a golf tournament, you’ll want to offer the following items:

  • Welcome Bag -For everyone who registered and participated in the event
  • T-shirt and/or hat or visor – Preferably with your tournament’s logo
  • Goodie Bag – Slip in coupons and promotional items from sponsors
  • Drinks and Snacks – Include items like a reusable water bottle with your tournament’s logo or a granola bar or some mixed nuts
  • Sunscreen
  • A Sleeve of Golf Balls

Add Interest with Activities and Prizes

The best tip on how to organize a golf tournament is to keep things lively with prizes, bonus contests, and events. Mini-events like longest drive contests, putting contests, and beginner’s drive contests can break up the day and add excitement and fun. It’s also a way of bringing in extra revenue for the nonprofit and another great way to engage sponsors.

Last but not least, don’t forget about raffles and door prizes. Call out the winners near the end of the tournament to ensure people stick around.

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Sponsoring a Charity Golf Outing is Good for Business

When it comes to marketing and finding new clients for your business a golf tournament is always a great idea.  The more people that know about your company the better. When your company name is associated with a popular event, it helps the event’s participants and the larger audience to remember your business. Promoting your company at events like charity golf tournaments with golf outing sponsor signs is a great way to get people talking. Here are two of the best ways that sponsoring a charity golf outing is good for business.

Title Sponsorship

You should consider sponsoring a tournament. A title sponsorship means that your business’s name becomes part of a tournament’s title. The marketing impact of this is usually a positive association within the golfing community. There are also the extra promotion and coverage opportunities that are linked to the tournament, and your company logo also becomes part of the tournament logo on golf outing sponsor signs, increasing exposure, and recognition even more.


Promote and hold a hole-in-one contest in partnership with a local tournament to create commercial buzz. Feature your company’s name prominently on the golf outing sponsor signs and offer a large cash prize to ensure big media attention and coverage. It would be smart to hold the contest immediately before or after the golf tournament to increase the number of people exposed to and involved in the event.