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Let’s Get This Party Started!

Words to live by (if you’re planning a golf tournament): “you can never start too early!” If you’re doing all the work yourself…start now! If you’re going to form a committee to help, do it now! If you’re thinking of changing golf courses…start calling around now! If you’re hoping to increase the number of golfers this year, start recruiting now! If sponsors were hard to come by last year…reach out now! If you want a t-prize that will truly set your event apart from the others where players will get yet another shirt or hat), start looking around now! If creating additional revenue streams would be helpful, put on your thinking-outside-the-box hat now! The longer you wait, the tougher all these things become…and putting on a charity golf tournament is already tough enough, right? And if you need help with any of these things, FREE advice is one call away (800)790-4653 (or email DO IT NOW!