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Golf player at the putting green hitting ball into a hole

How to Get Sponsors for Your Golf Fundraiser

A golf fundraiser tournament is an excellent way to generate money for your organization for several reasons.

Golf is a popular sport and tournaments even more so, especially if you use something like a best-ball format that welcomes all golfers, just not the low handicappers.

A lot of them are held during weekdays, and most people would much rather be on the course than in the office.

People also like to play golf fundraiser tournaments because they want to help others.

And, finally, they like to go because tournaments usually have lots of good prizes.

That’s why you need sponsors for your tournament — to provide those good prizes that attract golfers and to help defray expenses for hosting the event. You need to give sponsors a reason to donate. Make sure they know that it’s for a good cause, and tell them what it is.

Mention tax breaks that can be received from charitable donations. Let them know you’ll give them plenty of promotion during the event, and that it’s good marketing. Also, throw some free entries their way. Most companies have golfers who would love to play in an event.

At Tournament Pros, we know that if you keep your sponsors happy, they will keep you happy.

silent auction

Tips for Holding a Silent Auction at Your Golf Tournament

A golf tournament is a great way to spend the day. This is true even if you’re a duffer because a bad day on the course is better than a good day at work.

If you’re hosting a fundraiser tournament, you want to make it wildly popular. Tournament Pros has some tips for you. A sold-out tournament brings in plenty of entry fees, and adding a silent auction can really boost the amount you raise. The beauty of an auction, apart from how lucrative it is, lies in the fact that once you’ve done the prep work, it pretty much runs itself.

The first thing you need to do is get swag to auction. Find sponsors and businesses that are willing to make a charitable donation to your event. Aim for companies that appeal to golfers, like sporting goods stores. If companies are entering teams into your tournament, ask them for donations. They can write it off as a deduction. Remember to hit up the host club for a silent auction donation, and they will likely provide green fees or something from the pro shop.

Once you get items, display them prominently to attract bidders and make sure to promote it during the tournament with announcements and signage. Put a form with the item that tells what it is, the value, and who donated it. Leave plenty of space for bidders to add their amount and contact details.