And now for something completely different for your Golf Outing (Part 3)!

Tournament Pros has partnered with TDJ Golf to bring your players another opportunity to win at your event while bringing your organization another source of revenue! Together, we have created a “second chance” tournament everyone can compete in at the same time they are playing in your outing…with the help of PGA Tour players no less! A simple (free) app can be downloaded on one player’s phone per group which randomly “assigns” three Tour players to that group. Then their most recent actual scores from the last PGA Tour event they played in is added to each team’s score…and viola! you have another winning foursome to award prizes to at the dinner! And Tournament Pros includes those prizes! Full field events can raise up to an extra $1000!! And best of all…there is is no risk or out-of-pocket expense to you. PLUS…the app allows each time to keep track of where they are in your tournament hole-by-hole…free of charge! Contact us today for all the details:, 800-790-4653