And now for something completely different for your Golf Outing (Part 1)!

Variety is the spice of life…and the key to having a more successful golf tournament in 2019 than 2018! Time to shake things up a little! Just when your golfers think they’ve seen it all…here comes a big ‘ole curve ball! (I think we’ve used our allotment of metaphors for the day, don’t you?) Have you considered a clinic for everyone before the golf tournament begins? But just not any clinic. We’re talking about some serious razzle and dazzle…with a trick shot show by former Golf Digest’s Entertainer of the Year, Brad Denton. Besides being able to stripe 320 yd drives right down down the middle of the fairway, Brad is a very funny fellow who does great impressions along with wonderful crowd participation segments. The Show is also laced with helpful instructional tips for the golfers just before they head out to the course. And best of all, Brad has created a program that not only pays for itself, but will RAISE SIGNIFICANT REVENUE for your charity. Contact us at 800-790-4653 for your exclusive discount for the greatest show on turf!!