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March Madness: Don’t Be A Committee Of One For Your 2019 Golf Outing

It takes a village. Alright…not a whole village to plan a successful charity tournament, but definitely more than me, myself and I (meaning you!). (In fact, TOO many people can be just as big a problem as not enough.) Tackling your charity golf tournament all by your lonesome is a) way too much work, b) nearly impossible and c) a big mistake (see A and B). However, there is ONE thing you can do by yourself; form a committee to help you plan the golf fundraiser. ANY extra help you can get is good, but shoot for 4-6 people to join the group. If you can get more, great…but, again, not too many more (cooks in the kitchen kind of thing). Everyone has their own circle of friends and influence to draw from…and inside THEIR circle, THEY can find more golfers and more sponsors. They can also use their connections (connections that YOU don’t have) to help secure all the other things needed for a successful tournament like raffle prizes, player gifts, auction items, etc. etc.. (Tournament Pros at 800-790-4653, can help with all of that too!) Just remember, a successful charity golf tournament involves a great deal of planning and two heads–or five or six–are better than one. So don’t go it alone!