Cartoon boss and employees

Getting The Most Out Of Your 2019 Golf Tournament Committee

Congratulations! Half the battle is won once you’ve decided not to go it alone and formed a committee to plan
and oversee your 2019 golf outing. Now the key to your success becomes…to delegate. Each person needs to be assigned a
specific set of duties. Give them clear, concise tasks and most importantly, a timeline within which they
need to get them done by.  Then…hold them accountable. Once you decide how often to meet (perhaps once a month if you’ve started far enough in advance, then twice a month within 3 months of the event, eventually getting
down to once a week as the tournament approaches), let each committee member know that they will be called upon
to tell everyone the status of the tasks they have been assigned. And when it’s all said and done…reward
them for their effort with a gift as well as recognition at the awards ceremony. Those things go a long way
to making others consider joining in on the fun the following year. Not sure about the tasks to delegate?
Here’s a few things your committee will need to focus on: golfers, sponsors, prizes, food/beverage, auction,
player gifts, contests, registration, etc. Feel free to call Tournament Pros at 800-790-4653 or email us at;  we would be glad to pass on the knowledge we’ve gained since we first opened
our doors in 1993!