2019 Golf Tournament: The Great “Green Fee” Debate

One of the first–and possibly most important–questions your committee will have to deal with straight out of the gate is…how much should the entry fee be to play in your charity golf outing? Here are some basic guidelines:
1. Don’t try to make all your profit on the “green fees”.
2. Don’t charge your golfers too much more than the golf course is charging you.
3. Look to make your money from other revenue sources other than the entry fee.
Sensing a theme here? We hope so!
Your golfers know (or can easily find out) what the regular cost is to play the course you are having the event at.
Yes, it’s easier to increase that cost significantly more when playing at a private course golfers can’t otherwise play,
but you still never want to gouge your group on the green fees. It just looks bad. Once players have signed up,
then all bets are off:  Players now EXPECT you to do all that you can to get into their wallets…
after all, it is a CHARITY golf tournament! But no one likes to be “played” for a sucker when you double or triple the normal cost to play the course. Not cool. So don’t do it. That’s what the raffle is for. And the contest package. And the mulligans. And the auction. And the game holes. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll share some of our wisdom gained over the last 26 years regarding all these different sources of revenue to be “mined” the day of the outing, none of which your golfers will mind…as long as the cost to play is not one of them!  800-790-4653, info@tournamentpros.com