Don’t Go It Alone!

Breaking news: A charity golf tournament is a LOT of work. A SUCCESSFUL charity golf tournament–that raises more than the $5K average profit out of the 1.5M charity outings each year–is REALLY a lot of work. So…get some help! Form a committee of a handful of people (five is enough, 10 is too many) who you feel will roll up their sleeves and dig in; i.e. you want to find people who care about your cause as much as you do! Assign each person a different task regarding “day of” activities (registration, goodie bag distribution, on course volunteers/witnesses, raffle ticket sales, drink cart, etc). But make every member of the committee responsible for finding golfers and sponsors (if that’s still an issue). Make sure they all understand that while their input is desired and valued, in the end, you (as committee chair) have the final say. Get a special thank-you gift for every committee member and present it to them at the awards ceremony so they can receive the recognition they deserve for their hard work. Remember…for a successful fundraiser like a charity golf tournament, it’s not the time to go it alone! P.S. Make sure to remind each member that THEY don’t have to go it alone either; we are here to help: Contact, 800-790-4653 for hole-in-one coverage, contests, sponsor signs, player gifts, auction items, raffle prizes and anything else you need to make this the best year ever for your charity golf outing!