Do I Hear….

$300?  $400? $600?!!
If you’re not doing either a live or silent auction at your golf tournament, you’re leaving a lot of revenue for the cause…uncollected. So…start collecting! Almost all memorabilia companies offer their pieces on consignment, so there’s a)no out-of-pocket expense to you and b) no risk! And if you’re tired of the same old tired signed balls, bats or framed pictures, there’s now exciting adventures and experiences you can offer up: How about a virtual piano lesson from Elton John?! Or maybe two tickets to the Grammys?! Maybe one of your guests would like to go to The Masters?! Or on an African safari?! Gambling junket to Vegas?! Wine-tasting party in Napa? Again…the risk to you is zero, nada, nothing. Forgive the cliche, but what do you have to lose?!? If you need help finding out more about all these options–including good ‘ole fashioned memorabilia!–give us a shout at (800)790-4653 or  Do I hear…$1000?! SOLD!