2019 Golf Tournament: Auction This!

If you’re planning a charity golf fundraiser, it’s all about raising funds for the charity, right? So you’re looking to generate as much revenue for the cause as possible–while spending as little as possible.  Which means you’re including an auction, right? Almost every auction company worth their weight in salt (including Tournament Pros!) offers memorabilia on consignment…and that means you’ve got no out-of-pocket expense and no risk holding either a live or silent auction, or both. No risk, all reward…sounds good to us.  Add as many items as you can get donated…and you’re on your way to a successful tournament, auction…and fundraiser.  Another key to success; the bid sheets should contain spots for bidders to leave their contact info. After the event, why not call these folks and see if they still want the item they bid on? Again, most auction houses (including Tournament Pros!) will have access to identical pieces. And now you’ve raised even more money. We’ll be glad to help you navigate your way through the whole auction process. Call 800-790-4653 or email No risk, all reward…sounds good, right?!