SPONSORSHIPS…the magic word for 2023!

Though your players are vital to success, SPONSORS are the real key to reaching your revenue goals. With so many events to choose from, golfers are very keen on getting the best bang for their buck; if you try and gouge them, beware! In other words, don’t double the green fees. Adding a little to what the course charges is fine, the key word being “little”. You can also sell a fun contest package at registration, have a “buy-in” at a hole or two (not four or five), create a fun raffle and have some nifty auction items, but that’s not going to generate the big bucks you’re after. THAT needs to come from the land of SPONSORSHIPS. And the key here is NOT to stop at 18 hole signs; that should only be the beginning of your quest for more sponsors. Time to think outside the box…perhaps starting with a (box) lunch sponsor! Then there’s the driving range sponsor, the drink cart sponsor, contest sponsors and of course, a TITLE SPONSOR. But wait…don’t stop at the traditional hole-in-one, closest-to-the-pin and long drive sponsors. Why not have a MILLION DOLLAR SHOT contest/sponsor? Or a $5000 putting contest/sponsor? Or a $25,000 Shoot-out contest/sponsor?  The insurance to cover these prizes is not NEARLY as expensive as you might think! So a sponsorship not only covers the small cost, but allows you the opportunity to make much more on top of that. Best of all, those sponsors look like real heroes putting up these big prizes themselves, but of course, they’re not on the hook for any of these large payouts.  (Companies like Tournament Pros write those big checks if someone can make a winning shot.) It’s time to step up YOUR game…and add a lot more fun, excitement and REVENUE to this year’s golf outing Contact us to take your 2023 tournament to the next level:
info@tournamentpros.com, 800-790-4653