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Choosing a Contest for Your Charity Golf Tournament

Choosing an exciting contest is a great way to grow interest in your upcoming charity tournament. With the right contest, you’ll have an easier time attracting participants and donors. What’s more, contests make tournaments unique experiences, and everyone loves taking part in special opportunities to support a good cause while having fun at the same time. While these strange circumstances have put golf on the back-burner for now, there’s no reason you can’t brainstorm new and excited ideas for your first tournament after the world re-opens.

At Tournament Pros, we have nearly 30 years’ experience helping non-profits and individuals brainstorm one-of-a-kind golf outings. We are happy to talk to you about golf tournament contests that will thrill your event’s attendees and reward a few lucky winners. There are many inexpensive ways that you can generate maximum interest in your event. A few popular golf tournament contests that we offer our clients include:

Putting Challenges – Give your players a chance to win up to $10,000 for sinking a putt.

Chipping Contests – Do your guests think they can sink a chip shot for a chance to win $5,000?

Shoot-Outs – Keep things interesting by awarding $25,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 in an exhilarating shoot-out.

Million-Dollar Shots – For many golfers, a hole-in-one is a lifetime achievement. At your event, it can also mean a life-changing cash payout.