Sponsors=Success For Your 2019 Golf Tournament

Of course you need players, but there have been charity golf outings with 60 golfers that have raised considerably more money than those with full fields of 144…or more. It’s actually a fairly common occurrence. The majority of the revenue successful golf tournaments generate comes from their sponsors.  So while members  of your committee should each have their own assignments, everyone should be trying to connect with potential sponsors. It’s all hands on deck when it comes to this critical element of your event; you need to direct EVERYONE to think WAY outside the box. There are so many possibilities you can create for potential sponsors; EVERY element of the tournament should be “in play”: Hole signs, pin flags, contests, food (lunch AND dinner), driving range, golf carts, drink cart. The list is not quite endless, but it’s certainly considerable. So make sure considering it is the committee’s TOP priority! And if you need some help sorting through all the possibilities–and creating new ones–we stand ready to help! info@tournamentpros.com, 800-790-4653