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Show Off Your Sponsors with Signs and Promotional Products

Planning a golf outing? Sponsor signs and promotional products are a must! Not only are you letting your sponsors know how appreciative you are of their patronage, but you’re also helping them gain new recognition as well. Well-placed signage and promotional gear grabs spectator attention and lets those in attendance know just how generous your sponsor has been in preparing your golf outing or tournament.

However, when it comes to golf outing sponsor signs and promotional products, you want to make sure you have the right design team. While there are plenty of online tools that let you place logos onto signs and products, the result might be less than stellar. From pixelated logos to poor color match, what looks good online doesn’t always look as good in person.

When it comes to sponsor signs for a golf outing or tournament, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Your sponsors and spectators will be looking at what you purchased with a critical eye. That’s why you should ask for digital mockups of your signs and products before you buy them. Likewise, make sure you work with someone directly — like you can with our team — so they can assure you that everything will look exactly the way you expect.