Keeping Your Cool in the Summer Charity Golf Tournaments

There may be just a month or so left of summer…but that’s no excuse for letting your guard down for the tournaments in August.
So…some tips and tricks for your upcoming golf outing:
1. Have some water on every tee box.
2. If that’s not logistically possible, have several carts out on the course with water moving from hole to hole.
3. If THAT’S not possible…have LOTS of bottled water available at the turn (end of each nine holes)
Keeping your players hydrated is vital…not only for their health, but for their overall attitude; you don’t want them “spent”
at the end of the round just when you’re hoping they’re ready to SPEND money on raffle and auction items.
If you’re going to run short of any beverages, have it be the alcohol that goes first; consuming beer, etc in the heat is just going to
make everyone worse off anyway! H2O is your best friend…for at least another month!