How does that commercial go…”We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two”?!
Or three or four in our case after 26 years helping charities like yours raise more money and have more fun!
So, without further ado, here’s a few things YOU can do:
1. Read this blog! Every week we’ll share a little of our expertise on the subject of raising more money and having more fun
2. Call or email us @ 800-790-4653, info@tournamentpros. Special for 2019: free advice!!
3. Give away a killer gift that makes the first (and lasting!) impression of your tournament a memorable one
(and make sure the players have to go all the way down the registration line–buying raffle tickets, context package, mulligans, etc– to to get that gift!)
4. Have lots of volunteers at the registration table to help your golfers get through the line quickly and efficiently
5. Have contests (putting, chipping, etc) during registration to keep people occupied
6. If it’s hot, don’t skimp on the cold drinks…all throughout the course
7. Keep the mulligans to a minimum to keep things moving out on the course (2 is enough per person)
8. Be ready with the awards ceremony–and the food–RIGHT after play ends; if you make them wait too long, they just might not!
9. Sign them up for next year’s event (perhaps with an early bird discount); make good use of a captive audience
10. If we didn’t mention it already, contact Tournament Pros for all your “day of” needs!