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Generate Excitement for Your Charity Golf Event with Raffle Prizes

Nothing excites spectators quite like a raffle! There isn’t a single person who would turn down the opportunity to win something while they’re out enjoying a golf tournament for a good cause. Your raffle prize doesn’t have to be extravagant either. Sometimes sponsors will even pitch in to either help you purchase fun or functional products to raffle off. Even if they don’t, it doesn’t cost much to pick up a few golf tournament raffle prizes to give out.

Great Ideas for Your Raffle

So, what makes for a good raffle prize? Just about anything! Since your spectators obviously enjoy golf, raffling off items that would be great for a day out on the green. From folding travel chairs and coolers to umbrellas and tote bags, there are plenty of reasonably priced items to choose from. If your sponsor is participating in product purchase, you can even have their logos added to the prize.

Prizes for a Good Cause

As a reminder, the raffle prizes for your golf tournament are a token of appreciation for your guests and event spectators. Most individuals who attend charity events don’t do it for the prizes. However, the opportunity to win something small is certainly a great incentive. Don’t bust your event budget on over-the-top prizes. Make sure the reason for attending is always for the right reason: to help out your charity!