Does Your 2019 Golf Tournament HAVE To Be A Scramble?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is…longer. Quick review: A scramble (often referred to as “Captain’s Choice”) is a “best ball” type format where everyone plays their own ball of the tee and from then on, the best shot of the group is chosen and the group all play the next shot from that spot. The good news for most people in this format is they don’t have to play their own ball that went into the woods. Or the water. Or the…you get the idea. If one person in the foursome hit a shot into the fairway or onto the green, everyone gets to drop and play THEIR ball from THAT spot. The scramble format is used in over 90% of charity tournaments because it a) speeds up play (no looking for those balls in the woods), b) takes the pressure off the less-skilled players, and c) usually gives everyone a chance to contribute somewhere during the round. A scramble almost always produces low scores; teams coming in at 8, 9, 10 (or more!) under par. BUT…there are drawbacks, such as teams coming in at 8, 9, 10 (or more!) under par :). And golfers sometimes WANT to play their own ball for the WHOLE round (especially on private courses they can’t otherwise play). A popular variation of the traditional scramble format is choosing the best drive (which is hopefully somewhere in the fairway) and then having everyone play their own ball the rest of the way on that hole (taking the best score of the four). If you’re tired of the scramble format altogether, contact us and we’ll be happy to explain some other options like standard stroke play, two-player best ball, four-ball, alternate shot and even a Pro-Am! 1-800-790-4653,