Charity Golf Outing “Day Of” Do’s and Don’ts

Top 10 Do’s…
1. Have plenty of volunteers assigned to the registration table
2. Put the player gift (the one thing every golfer wants!) at the END of the registration line
3. Sell a “contest package” that includes EVERYTHING so there’s no collecting $ out on the course
4. Entertain–and feed!– the players during registration; contests, snacks, drinks, etc
5. Start ON TIME
6. Make sure the volunteers out on the course KEEP PLAY MOVING!
7. Have auction and raffle going on white players are waiting for dinner
8. Make the awards ceremony light on the speeches and heavy on the awards!
9. Sign people up for next year!
10. Don’t let anyone drink and drive!

DON’T…not do any of the do’s 🙂