Are Things “FALLing” into Place for Your Sept, October Golf Tournament?

Ready or not, here they come! Make the first impression for your golfers a good one: Have plenty of volunteers ready to check them in…no one wants to start their day off standing in a long line! Give them LOTS of reason to give you their money: Raffle tickets, mulligans, contests, etc. Have LOTS of cool drinks close at hand; it’s still pretty hot out there! Give them things to do while they’re waiting for the tournament to begin; putting contest, driving range…and plenty of stuff to eat! Have the auction items in a highly visible spot that will wear on the golfers minds as they play (“I gotta have that picture!)”. Once the tournament begins, keep play moving at all costs: it shouldn’t take 6 hours to play a round of golf! You want these folks in a good mood at the awards ceremony…and not rushing out the door before they can purchase that auction item they’ve been thinking about getting all day! Lastly, do NOT ply them with too many alcoholic beverages before the dinner (and their upcoming drive home). And for those that have overindulged, time to find that designated driver…or Uber. Make it fun, make it fast…and make it safe!